Police Checks (Ayr Flames)

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**NOTE: Again this season, all coaching applications must be submitted with a valid VSC clearance, or have a valid one on file for the coming season BEFORE, applications will be considered. All VSC expire on May 1st of the third year.***

All Coaching Staff, Trainers, Managers, Board Members, On Ice Volunteers and "At Large Volunteers are required under OMHA rules to be screened
This is being done with a Vulnerable Sector Check Screening (VSC).  The Vulnerable Sector Check will be valid for 3 years but your are required to sign a Declaration for the 2 years after your Vulnerable Sector Screening has been submitted. The VSC must be completed with the Police Department in the municipality where the individual resides.

To complete a Vulnerable Sector Check with the Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS), please click here.

To complete a Vulnerable Sector Check with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), please click here.

There is a fee of $20 for VSC if applying through the WRPS as a Volunteer (check the correct application). The WRPS have a new online system and it must be accompanied by a AMHA VSC letter (link below) to receive the discounted fee. The OPP also require this letter. NOTE: AMAH will only reimburse a maximum of $20 for the screening of an approved AMHA Volunteer!

The following is the Process and Documents Required:

Police checks should be collected by the Head Coach for all staff, and then submitted to their Convenor when ALL staff are complete. ONLY, VP of Administration will review and keep strictly confidential. If you have concerns with this process, you can make arrangements to hand them directly to the V.P. but it is your responsibility to have it done and submitted no more then 30 days after given a position by the Head Coach.

AMHA 2023-2024 VSC letters. Please contact your teams Head Coach!

PLEASE NOTE, that if your name and birth date are similar to someone who has a conviction, you may be asked to submit finger prints before the Police Department can provide the VSC. Please allow yourself enough time for this process to happen.