Schedule & Results, AYR CHALLENGE 2013 -2014, 2013-2014 (Ayr Flames)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 8, 2013
Peewee D212:00 PMNDCC Pelham Panthers 27-1St. George Generals
Peewee D122:00 PMACC Ingersoll Express1-0Ayr Flames 1
Peewee D133:00 PMNDCC Thornton Tigers 22-4Norwich Knighthawks
Peewee D143:00 PMACC Pelham Panthers 12-1Six Nations Blackhawks
Bantam D254:00 PMNDCC Paris Wolf Pack1-1Dorchester Dragons
Bantam D164:00 PMACC Ennismore Eagles2-0Ayr Flames
Bantam D275:00 PMNDCC Thornton Tigers5-1New Hamburg Huskies 2
Bantam D185:00 PMACC Twin Centre Stars3-1Plattsville Rage
Peewee D2106:00 PMACC Schomberg Red Wings2-2Lasalle Sabres
Peewee D296:00 PMNDCC Drayton Defenders2-3Ayr Flames 2
Peewee D2117:00 PMNDCC Saugeen Storm0-7Thornton Tigers 3
Peewee D1127:00 PMACC Mount Brydges Cougars5-0Barrie Stars
Bantam D2138:00 PMNDCC Beverly Bandits2-3Delhi Rockets
Peewee D1148:00 PMACC Clarkson Hurricanes11-0Lucan Irish
Bantam D1159:00 PMNDCC Lefroy Ice Breakers1-7New Hamburg Huskies 1
Saturday, November 9, 2013
Peewee D1168:00 AMNDCC Mount Brydges Cougars3-2Ayr Flames 1
Peewee D2178:00 AMACC Lasalle Sabres1-0Thornton Tigers 3
Peewee D2189:00 AMNDCC Pelham Panthers 23-0Ayr Flames 2
Peewee D1199:00 AMACC Pelham Panthers 10-3Clarkson Hurricanes
Bantam D12010:00 AMNDCC New Hamburg Huskies 13-0Twin Centre Stars
Bantam D22110:00 AMACC Thornton Tigers7-5Paris Wolf Pack
Bantam D22211:00 AMNDCC New Hamburg Huskies 23-2Delhi Rockets
Bantam D12311:00 AMACC Lefroy Ice Breakers5-2Ayr Flames
Peewee D12412:00 PMNDCC Six Nations Blackhawks0-2Ingersoll Express
Peewee D22512:00 PMACC St. George Generals3-1Saugeen Storm
Peewee D1261:00 PMNDCC Barrie Stars2-2Lucan Irish
Peewee D2271:00 PMACC Drayton Defenders3-5Schomberg Red Wings
Peewee D1284:00 PMNDCC Norwich Knighthawks0-1Six Nations Blackhawks
Peewee D2294:00 PMACC Pelham Panthers 21-2Thornton Tigers 3
Peewee D2305:00 PMNDCC Saugeen Storm1-4Ayr Flames 2
Peewee D1315:00 PMACC Thornton Tigers 21-0Mount Brydges Cougars
Bantam D1326:00 PMNDCC Plattsville Rage3-0Ennismore Eagles
Bantam D2336:00 PMACC Dorchester Dragons0-1Beverly Bandits
Bantam D2347:00 PMNDCC Delhi Rockets1-4Paris Wolf Pack
Bantam D1357:00 PMACC Twin Centre Stars4-6Lefroy Ice Breakers
Peewee D2368:00 PMNDCC Lasalle Sabres6-5Drayton Defenders
Bantam D2378:00 PMACC New Hamburg Huskies 20-3Dorchester Dragons
Peewee D1389:00 PMNDCC Thornton Tigers 22-4Pelham Panthers 1
Peewee D1399:00 PMACC Barrie Stars2-3Ayr Flames 1
Sunday, November 10, 2013
Peewee D1408:00 AMNDCC Clarkson Hurricanes3-1Ingersoll Express
Peewee D1418:00 AMACC Norwich Knighthawks3-2Lucan Irish
Peewee D2429:00 AMNDCC St. George Generals4-5Schomberg Red Wings
Bantam D2439:00 AMACC Beverly Bandits3-2Thornton Tigers
Bantam D14410:00 AMNDCC Plattsville Rage2-0Ayr Flames
Bantam D14510:00 AMACC New Hamburg Huskies 16-0Ennismore Eagles
Semi Final4611:00 AMNDCC Mount Brydges Cougars1-2Thornton Tigers 3
Semi Final4711:00 AMACC Pelham Panthers 20-2Clarkson Hurricanes
Semi-Final4812:00 PMNDCC Beverly Bandits1-2New Hamburg Huskies 1
Semi-Final4912:00 PMACC Plattsville Rage0-6Thornton Tigers
Championsh501:15 PMNDCC Thornton Tigers 22-4Clarkson Hurricanes
Championsh512:15 PMNDCC Thornton Tigers3-2New Hamburg Huskies 1
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